Karena Kreger


With a unique combination of technical skills and a strong design eye, Karena has over a decade of experience in building her clients' compelling, professional web presence.

Team Open Sky

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Beau Moffatt


Beau makes things work. Skilled in business development, web functionality, and technical support, he walks alongside clients from concept to robust results.


Jessica Fowler


Jessica brings life to your vision. Her experience in marketing and content development brings a mix of creativity and inspiration to the team.


Michelle Fuson


Michelle loves systems and processes. Her organizational skills help facilitate & support the day to day operations and keep things running smoothly.


why open sky?

It's Your Vision

Our clients have a vision for their businesses but need skilled help to build their online success. We listen. Hard. We strategize with you. Then we put our expertise to work and handle the details.

Teachers at Heart

Let us remove the intimidation from the Internet. With our creative and educational approach combined with over 2 decades of experience, our team will guide you to success.

Opening Up the Sky

Our name represents wide, upward possibilities. It highlights creativity, vision, and wisdom. We strive to deliver clean, professional designs and features in all our projects. Open Sky? The name just fits.


Our Future Team Member

We believe in team. Our clients are a part of our team and we produce more together than we ever could apart.
And we're growing. We love adding talented, passionate people to the team.
We are going far and we are doing it together.